Welcome to the WASWAC 4th International Youth Forum on Soil and Water Conservation (IYFSWC IV)

In order to help the youth worldwide to play greater roles in the scientific research, technological development, and demonstration & popularization of soil and water conservation, encourage and support the young generation to undertake the historical responsibility entrusted by the times, and to achieve sustainable development in soil and water conservation, World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC) will continue to organize the International Youth Forum on Soil and Water Conservation (IYFSWC) in this coming September in Shenyang, following the first three sessions, which were held successfully in Nanchang, China in October 2015, in Moscow, Russia in August 2018, in Noor, Iran in October 2021.

WASWAC will continue to evaluate the Outstanding Youth Paper (See WASWAC Youth Outstanding Paper Award for details), which is set up by WASWAC especially for the outstanding young researchers under the age of 40. The paper passed evaluation will have chance to be published in the official journal of WASWAC – International Soil and Water Conservation Research, and the winners will also be able to obtain a certificate issued by WASWAC and a USD 1000 honorarium.

As an important platform of academic progress presentation and to research ideas exchange, we sincerely invite worldwide scholars, students, and relevant enterprises engaged in the scientific research, technology development, management, teaching and training and engineering design of soil and water conservation, to participate in this forum to share your latest research or technology progress, with oral presentation or poster display.


September 21-24, 2024, Shenyang Agricultural University (SYAU), Shenyang, China


Bringing Youth Together - Leading the Future of Soil and Water Conservation


  • Soil and water conservation under climate change

Convenor: Donghao Huang (SYAU, donghaohuang@syau.edu.cn)

  • Soil erosion mechanisms and modeling

ConvenorYujie Wei (HZAU, wyj@mail.hzau.edu.cn) Benli Liu (NIEER, CAS, liubenli@lzb.ac.cn)

  • Evaluation of soil erosion at regional scale

ConvenorChunmei Wang (NWU, cmwang@nwu.edu.cn)

  • New technology of soil and water conservation

    ConvenorYaxian Hu (NWAFU, huyaxian@nwafu.edu.cn)  Enheng Wang (NEFU, enheng_wang@nefu.edu.cn)

  • Soil and water conservation in production and construction projects

ConvenorMingming Guo (IGA, CAS, guomingming@iga.ac.cn)

  • Intelligent soil and water conservation

ConvenorSen Wang (DatumTechnology co. ltd, wangsen@dtgis.com)

  • Carbon sinks for soil and water conservation

      ConvenorLei Deng (ISWC, CAS&MWR, leideng@ms.iswc.ac.cn)

  • Soil and water conservation biodiversity

ConvenorBing Wang (ISWC, CAS&MWR, bwagn@ms.iswc.ac.cn)

  • Soil and water conservation policy, education and popularization of science

ConvenorBin Wang (BFU, wangbin1836@bjfu.edu.cn)



  • Registration Opening                                                                                       March 15, 2024

  • Abstract and Registration Form (See Appendix 1) Submission Deadline     May 31, 2024 (This date is the  final deadline for forum registration and will not be extended.)

  • Outstanding Youth Paper Application Deadline      Appendix 1.doc             April 15, 2024

  • Application for Youth Scientist Enlightenment Session Report Deadline         May 15, 2024



  • World Association of Soil and Water Conservation


  • Shenyang Agricultural University

  • Project of National Key R&D Program of China  “Process, Compounding Mechanisms and Control Principles of Wind Erosion, Water Erosion and Snow-Melting erosion in Black Soil Region of Northeast China (2021YFD1500700)


  • Soil Erosion Committee of Chinese Society of Soil and Water Conservation

  • Northeast Forestry University 

  • Jilin Agricultural University

  • The 111 project (Programme of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities on Soil and Water Conservation and Eco-civilization Development)

  • Hailun Soil and Water Conservation Monitoring and Research Station, IGA, CAS

  • Jiangxi Academy of Water Sciences and Engineering

  • CCTEG Shenyang Engineering Company


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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
April 15, 2024
YOPA Full Paper Submission Deadline
May 15, 2024
Conference Date
Sept. 21-24, 2024

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